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  • The application of PoE switch in security network monitoring

    In recent years, due to the rapid development of social economy and information technology, various industries in the country have produced unprecedented demand for video surveillance. In addition to

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  • Industrial Ethernet switch brand and classification

    Classification of Industrial Ethernet Switches:Industrial Ethernet switches can be divided into GE, 10G, 40G, and 100G according to the interface speedIndustrial Ethernet switches can also be divided

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  • Teach you how to buy and use POE switches

    In some projects, PoE switches are needed to power wireless AP, network phone, network camera and other devices. Although this practice is very simple, but the real involves the choice and use, I am a

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  • Explain the selection of switch in network video monitoring system in detail

    With the increasing use of high-definition cameras, how to choose the right switch that meets the performance of the overall network architecture has also become a very important role in the development of the high-definition monitoring system's early program and project quotation. A suitable switch can not only play the function of monitoring network but also effectively reduce the waste of resources.

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