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The application of PoE switch in security network monitoring

2023-06-30 16:09:07 admin 1

In recent years, due to the rapid development of social economy and information technology, various industries in the country have produced unprecedented demand for video surveillance. In addition to special industries such as finance, government, and transportation, communities, hotels, public places, factories, and shopping malls have applied or are implementing digital monitoring. The scale and radiation area are getting larger. Video surveillance installation scale and radiation area is getting larger and larger, a typical example is the "safe China" project, its project scope involves the entire city, the camera reached tens of thousands. Video surveillance products have also developed from local DVR to IPCamera network.

However, the installation of network video surveillance equipment is restricted by the environment, which seriously affects the development of network video surveillance. In addition to the need to transmit video signals through the network cable, the network camera used in network video surveillance must also provide enough power for it all day long. In the implementation process, it often occurs that the installation site of the camera has to be redesigned because it cannot provide a stable power supply, and the redesign of the installation site may lead to monitoring dead corners, making security monitoring lose meaning.

Under normal circumstances, the normal operation of the network camera needs to connect two wires, a network cable, a wire. The following conditions will cause the network monitoring lens cannot be installed:

1, the camera installation position without power.

2, the location of the camera installation has a power supply, but it is a lighting power supply, can not provide all-weather power supply.

The above causes the network camera can not be installed, all occur in the network camera power supply problem. In order to make the network camera installed correctly in the expected location, it is necessary to solve the power supply problem of the network camera. Since you can not provide power normally, you should consider using network cable to power the camera, after all, deploying a network cable is much easier than deploying a strong wire, and if you use network cable power supply, as long as the power at the data switch is not interrupted, the network camera can work normally.

Therefore, the network camera with PoE function is widely accepted and used, although the traditional camera does not support PoE, it can also use PoE technology to power supply, only need to add a PoE separator, the cost of the entire system upgrade is very low.

PoE switch, a typical representative of PoE technology, is also sought after by engineers for its high performance, simple use, easy management, convenient networking, and low construction cost. The most popular brand in China is Huacheng Century Communication Equipment Technology Co., LTD., which has focused on PoE research and development in the past 10 years, and has a number of national technology patents. Its various PoE switch products are sold well at home and abroad, and the reputation of praise continues.

The advantages of PoE switch in network monitoring are reflected:

1, flexibility, PoE only needs to install and support a cable, simple and space-saving, and the device can be moved at will;

2, cost saving, video surveillance cameras, etc., all need to be installed in places where AC power is difficult to deploy, PoE makes it no longer need expensive power and the time spent on installing power, saving costs and time;

3, intelligent power supply, DC power supply like data transmission, PoE can use simple network management protocol (SNMP) to supervise and control equipment;

4, eliminate power supply security risks, PoE power supply device will only need to power supply equipment, only connected to the need for power supply equipment, Ethernet cable will have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line;

5, centralized power supply advantages, a single UPS can provide all the relevant equipment in the power supply;

6, device compatibility advantages, users can automatically and safely mix the original device and PoE device on the network, these devices can coexist with the existing Ethernet cable;

7, the network device is easy to manage, when the remote device is connected to the network, it can be remotely controlled, reconfigured or reset;

8, in the network camera LAN, PoE can simplify the test task, and the access point can be easily moved and accessed.

PoE switches currently have two standards, IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at. The standard IEEE802.3af application used by the industry still occupies the main part, which can only supply power to the power device under 13W, and this power supply power obviously can not meet the demand, so the IEEE802.3at standard was officially released in 2009, which can extend the power level to 25W or higher. With the ability to support higher power levels, this new standard will make it easy to expand PoE applications into new areas. Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology launched a high-power PoE switch, single-port power up to 30W, can be a high-power network camera and other equipment stable power supply, but also promote the flexibility of PoE product networking.