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Industrial Ethernet switch brand and classification

2023-06-30 16:07:10 admin 1

Classification of Industrial Ethernet Switches:

Industrial Ethernet switches can be divided into GE, 10G, 40G, and 100G according to the interface speed

Industrial Ethernet switches can also be divided into electrical and optical ports according to interface types

Industrial Ethernet switches can also be divided into box type and frame type according to whether the industrial switch can be inserted on the device

What are the good brands of industrial Ethernet switches?

Brand/Country: Siemens/Germany, Hersman/Germany, Dongtu/Mainland China, N-TRON/ USA, MOXA/ Taiwan, etc.

What is the difference between PoE Industrial Ethernet Switch and ordinary switch?

PoE industrial Ethernet switch is a switch that supports the power supply to the network cable, and compared with the ordinary switch, the power terminal (such as AP, digital camera, etc.) does not need to carry out power wiring, which is more reliable for the entire network.

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