Network switch

Tshield 8 ports plastic shell 1000M switch (HC-G1008S)

Provides 8*10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 portsLED panel indicator, dynamic display device connection and operation statusPort support automatic flip, more convenient useMAC address self-learning is suppo

Provides 8*10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 ports

LED panel indicator, dynamic display device connection and operation status

Port support automatic flip, more convenient use

MAC address self-learning is supported

The 8-port monitoring switch can meet the needs of remote and high-speed Ethernet users, and can easily realize the interconnection between motherboard servers, Repeaters, network cameras, and terminals. The product performance is stable and reliable, the design is in line with the Ethernet standard, especially suitable for telecommunications, cable TV, monitoring, railway, civil aviation, maritime transport, power, water conservancy and oil fields and other broadband data networks and require high reliability data transmission or the establishment of IP data transmission private network.

8-port monitoring switch features

Automatically compatible with network protocols such as IEEE802.3U and IEEE802.3X.

Supports full-duplex and half-duplex transmission modes, and has automatic negotiation capability.

Supports MDI/MDI-X adaptive storage and forwarding mechanism.

Supports the transmission of ultra-long data packets with a length of 2048 bytes.

Built-in efficient switching core, broadcast storm suppression, flow control, CRC error check.

Provides ultra-low latency data transmission.

Support dip switch to set monitoring mode, extend the IPC access distance; It can be up to 250 meters long.

Plug and play for self-use

Eight 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive RJ45 network ports

Transmission distance ≤250M

Support IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3i protocol standards;

Power indicator

Power supply 12V1.0A 12W

Product size 128*62*22MM

Color box *1, power adapter *1, manual *1